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5 Reasons for Amazon Account Suspension

As an Amazon seller, you are eagerly looking forward to the holiday shopping season. One morning when you opened your inbox as normal, an email popped up and gave you a heart attack. It’s from Amazon saying that your account has been suspended for violation of platform rules.  

“What shall I do now? I need to get my account back as soon as possible. I can’t miss the biggest shopping season of the year!” You lost your head.

Well, calm down and don’t be panic. Take a deep breath and read these tips. You will definitely find a way out!

First, please carefully read the email from Amazon and figure out the reason why your account has been suspended. In general, reasons for Amazon account suspension can be categorized into five types: 

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1.   Violation of Platform Rules

Amazon has updated its rating rules for sellers. If a seller has too many violation records, their account may be blocked. Therefore, sellers must deal with violations in a timely manner to minimize the effect.  

2.   Problems with Products

Product defects or inconsistency between products and its description can result in a high customer complaint rate, thus bringing a higher risk of account suspension. 

3.   Associated Accounts

According to Amazon’s terms, a person or a company can only have one Amazon account. Operating multiple accounts, including accounts with relevant registration, IP and payment account information, is strictly prohibited. 

4.   IP Infringement

Amazon attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property. Any products with infringement issues in terms of appearance, trademarks, images, etc. will be immediately removed offline. Depending on its seriousness, it may even lead to the suspension of the seller’s account. 

5.   Poor Store Performance

Amazon has set performance metrics for third-party sellers. A store with extremely poor performance could be banned. 

Now that you know the reason for your account suspension, you want to appeal to Amazon to get your account back. The most important thing you need to prepare is a suspension appeal letter, which is a Plan of Action (POA). The POA will be the backbone of the reinstatement process. Regarding how to write an effective POA, we will explain it in detail in our next article. Please stay tuned. 

If you are now struggling with an Amazon suspension issue and your own efforts just don’t work, Expert Planet is here to help you. Register an Exper Planet account, and then you will be connected to Amazon reinstatement experts from all over the world. You are just one step from getting your account back!

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