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A Successful Debt Collection Case in Saudi Arabia

Congratulations to Mohammed Ajmal AbdulAzeez for his success on a tough debt collection in Saudi Arabia! Read the whole story below to study how he managed the crafty debtor to pay.

This is a challenging debt collection case in Saudi Arabia. The debtor is quite clever at delaying payments and caused the customs to auction off the container due to the delayed balance payment. The debtor also asked for a significant discount on the remaining payments, citing the high selling price by the creditor. To facilitate payment, the creditor initially agreed to the discount, but the debtor repeatedly made promises to pay and never followed through. Frustrated, the creditor turned to Mohammed Ajmal, a debt collection expert in Bahrain.

Mohammed Ajmal quickly reached out to the debtor after reviewing the case. The debtor was deceptive and provided false information during their communication, and the debtor also had other non-payment behavior with other manufacturers in China. They even didn’t pick up the container after the creditor released the Telex Bill of Lading without receiving their balance.

Initially, the debtor refused to pay for the disputed container while insisting on a substantial discount, which the creditor couldn’t accept. After several rounds of negotiation, Mohammed Ajmal convinced the debtor to agree to a 4-month installment plan with the previously agreed discount. However, the debtor tried to delay the first test payment by purposefully providing incorrect bank information. After two rounds of modifying the bank details, the creditor finally received the first test payment this month. We hope to receive the remaining installment payments smoothly.

Congratulations to Mohammed Ajmal’s team for making the stubborn debtor take the first step toward payment. Although it’s just a test payment, the team will continue to pursue the collection of the remaining balance.

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