Bangladesh debt collection success stories

Navigating Debt Collection: Bangladesh Success Stories

Debt collection is always a daunting task, especially when dealing with debtors in a foreign country. Luckily, you’ve discovered Expert Planet, where a vast network of international collection professionals stands ready to assist you. With our experts by your side, your chances of success are greatly enhanced. Explore real cases below, showcasing how our experts have helped users successfully retrieve their payments in Bangladesh.

Debt Amount: 22,000 USD
4 months

This is a case in Bangladesh, where a payment issue arose in an international trade deal operating on a 100% irrevocable LC at sight basis. Despite goods being picked up, the debtor and their bank showed no willingness to release payment. The creditor sought assistance from Mrs. Seema Kumar of Expert Planet for debt collection.

Mrs. Seema Kumar promptly took action after reviewing the documents. Her team diligently pursued the debtor and their bank to resolve the matter, sending numerous demand emails. Unfortunately, the debtor remained unresponsive. Undeterred, Mrs. Seema Kumar’s team persisted in chasing the debtor and the bank officer.

After extensive discussions, the bank officer stated they would only respond to the creditor’s bank. Mrs. Seema Kumar then advised the creditor to prompt their bank to send a reminder/tracer message to the debtor’s bank. Through persistent follow-ups and persuasion, the debtor eventually confirmed their bank had released the payment to the creditor.

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