south africa debt collection success stories

Navigating Debt Collection: South Africa Success Stories

Debt collection is always a daunting task, especially when dealing with debtors in a foreign country. Luckily, you’ve discovered Expert Planet, where a vast network of international collection professionals stands ready to assist you. With our experts by your side, your chances of success are greatly enhanced. Explore real cases below, showcasing how our experts have helped users successfully retrieve their payments in South Africa.

Debt Amount: 270,000
Age: 3 months

In November 2022, Christo was entrusted with a debt which had been overdue for 3 months. The creditor signed the contract with a middleman from Hong Kong, but they didn’t have his phone number and identity information. The only information the creditor had was his WeChat, but the middleman kept ignoring their messages.

The creditor also tried to contact the consignee (the debtor) in South Africa, but the debtor never answered their phone calls or replied their emails. Upon receiving this case, Christo did a credit check on the debtor and contacted the debtor by sending them a detailed document with all the proof of payments. After establishing the contact with the debtor, Christo kept pushing them to give them more pressure.

Two weeks after Christo was entrusted with this case, the debtor agreed to repay! In January 2023, all the balance were paid off.

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