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Get Back in the Game: Success Stories with Our Amazon Reinstatement Services

Are you facing challenges with your Amazon account suspension? Look no further! Our Amazon reinstatement services are here to help you navigate through the complexities of reinstating your account swiftly and efficiently. With our proven track record of success, our experts have assisted countless sellers in reinstating their accounts and getting back on track to selling on Amazon. Check out stories from two of our top experts, showcasing how they assist users in restoring their Amazon services.

Case 1

One of the Amazon sellers had a popular product link that got suspended due to patent infringement. Despite sending three appeals to reinstate the link, all of them were rejected. To make matters worse, Amazon threatened to remove the link permanently if it couldn’t be reinstated within one month.

In a state of emergency, the seller sought help from Mr. Yangguang Chen, an Amazon reinstatement expert on the Expert Planet platform. Mr. Chen assured them that he could help reinstate the link. After gathering all the necessary materials and documents, they began the reinstatement process. However, they faced multiple rejections from Amazon.

Undeterred, they refused to give up and kept optimizing their appeal letter and related materials. Despite facing over 10 failures in their submissions and feeling close to losing hope, they persevered. Finally, they made one last attempt, submitting an optimized technical letter and Plan of Action (POA). Fortunately, at the last minute, the seller received the long-awaited successful reinstatement letter from Amazon. Thanks to the relentless efforts of Mr. Yangguang Chen and his team for this triumph.

Case 2

The client’s Amazon seller account was suspended due to allegations of rank abuse. Despite writing an appeal letter himself, he received no response. Desperate for a solution, he turned to Mr. Yangguang Chen, an Amazon reinstatement expert on Expert Planet, with a comprehensive understanding of Amazon’s reinstatement process and the intricacies of such cases.

Mr. Chen conducted a meticulous examination of product listings, sales histories, and customer reviews. His expertise allowed him to identify any irregularities that may have triggered the suspension, shedding light on potential vulnerabilities within the system.

Armed with his findings, Mr. Chen crafted a compelling appeal letter, meticulously addressing each allegation raised against the client’s account. Finally, after 10 days of intense effort, the expert delivered the long-awaited news – the client’s Amazon account was successfully reinstated! The client was very grateful for the expert’s help in getting his account back on track.

The Amazon seller faced a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) due to alleged infringement on another brand’s products. The infringed company pressed charges against the seller, putting them in a difficult position. Seeking assistance, the seller turned to Mr. Xiaotian Mai on Expert Planet.

Upon getting in touch with the lawyer representing the infringed company, Mr. Xiaotian Mai was taken aback by the exorbitant initial settlement demand of 2.5K USD. However, knowing that the seller had not sold any infringing products, Mr. Xiaotian and his team engaged in several rounds of negotiations. Thanks to their dedicated efforts, they managed to convince the infringed company to settle for a more reasonable amount of 1K USD. This outcome was satisfying to the seller, who promptly transferred the reconciliation payment to the infringed company. Once they received the payment, the infringed company withdrew their prosecution. As a result, Amazon also reinstated the seller’s account to its normal status.

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