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Navigating Debt Collection: Middle East Success Stories

Debt collection is always a daunting task, especially when dealing with debtors in a foreign country. Luckily, you’ve discovered Expert Planet, where a vast network of international collection professionals stands ready to assist you. With our experts by your side, your chances of success are greatly enhanced. Explore real cases below, showcasing how our experts have helped users successfully retrieve their payments from countries in the Middle East.

Debt Amount: 36,000 USD
Age: 8 months
Country: Qatar

After making three initial payments towards the total debt owed, the debtor in Qatar abruptly ceased any further payments. Despite the creditor’s persistent follow-ups and requests for payment arrangements, no progress was made. Faced with this impasse, the creditor sought the assistance of Ms. Laila Saleh on Expert Planet, an expert in debt collection.

Upon reviewing all the relevant documents and case details, Ms. Laila Saleh promptly reached out to her contacts in Qatar to tackle the matter. A local agency in Qatar took charge of communicating with the debtor efficiently. Under the pressure exerted by the local debt collection team and their unwavering efforts, significant progress was achieved. In just one month of negotiations, the debtor finally made their first installment payment. Now the case is still in the repayment process, and we look forward to a swift resolution to the debt.

Debt Amount: 232,089.80 USD
Age: 2 years
Country: Saudi Arabia

This is a challenging debt collection case in Saudi Arabia, a clever debtor caused customs to auction off a container due to delayed payment. Despite the creditor agreeing to a discount, the debtor repeatedly made unfulfilled promises. Frustrated, the creditor sought help from Mohammed Ajmal, a debt collection expert in Bahrain.

Mohammed swiftly engaged with the deceptive debtor, who provided false information and had a history of non-payment with Chinese manufacturers. Initially refusing to pay for the disputed container, the debtor insisted on a substantial discount, unacceptable to the creditor. After multiple negotiations, Mohammed secured an agreement on a 4-month installment plan with the previously discussed discount. Despite attempts by the debtor to delay the first test payment with incorrect bank information, the creditor eventually received it in November 2023. The aim is to smoothly secure the remaining installment payments. As of February 2024, two installments have been received by the creditor.

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