successful debt collection in Latin America

Navigating Debt Collection: Latin America Success Stories

Debt collection is always a daunting task, especially when dealing with debtors in a foreign country. Luckily, you’ve discovered Expert Planet, where a vast network of international collection professionals stands ready to assist you. With our experts by your side, your chances of success are greatly enhanced. Explore real cases below, showcasing how our experts have helped users successfully retrieve their payments in Latin American countries.

Case 1

Debt Amount: 24486.15 USD
Age: 3 months
Country: Argentina

This case is a bit special: The creditor mistakenly overpaid them by $24.5K due to an error in the unit price. Despite the overpayment, the exporter had no intention of returning the excess amount. That’s when the creditor turned to Victor, a debt collection expert at Expert Planet.

Victor investigated and reached out to the debtor’s payment representative. However, the debtor avoided communication for almost a month. Eventually, after Victor’s persistent efforts, the debtor offered to offset the overpaid amount by shipping another container to the creditor. Victor assisted in negotiating terms and monitored the shipment’s progress.

Unfortunately, the debtor delayed the cargo shipment again and claimed issues with customs and other factors, making shipping impossible. However, the debtor said they would refund the overpaid amount directly to the creditor, which they finally did this month. Thanks to Victor’s team’s patience and determination, the creditor successfully recovered the full amount.

Case 2

Debt Amount: 124307.22 USD
Age: 1 year
Country: Brazil

In this case, the debtor’s containers were investigated by Customs due to their internal issues after the shipment arrived at the port. As a result, all 8 containers were detained by Customs and placed in the gray customs clearance channel. Subsequently, the debtor refused to pay the remaining balance, citing the high customs clearance penalties as a reason.

After nearly a year of unsuccessful attempts to resolve the matter, the creditor sought assistance from Victor, an expert on Expert Planet, for debt collection. Victor recognized the challenging nature of such debts, primarily due to the substantial customs fines involved. However, he aimed to minimize costs for the creditor and pursued an out-of-court resolution to secure repayment.

Victor diligently utilized messaging, email, and phone calls to reach out to all available contacts. Eventually, he managed to establish communication with the debtor’s director manager. Over a span of ten days, they engaged in discussions and negotiations, ultimately reaching an agreement on an installment payment plan.

Upon receiving the first payment, Victor provided regular updates to the creditor through the Expert Planet system and continued to work with the debtor to ensure that the installment plan was followed through. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Victor and his team, they have successfully collected the whole debt amount of $124,307.22.

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