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First Successful Debt Collection Case in Qatar

Congratulations to Laila Saleh for the first successful debt collection case in Qatar! Read the following content to learn how Laila Saleh get the debt recovered within one month.

After making three initial payments towards the total debt owed, the debtor in Qatar abruptly ceased any further payments. Despite the creditor’s persistent follow-ups and requests for payment arrangements, no progress was made.

The debtor had repeatedly assured they would settle the remaining balance, initially citing cash flow issues as the cause for the delay. However, as eight months passed, the debtor began conjuring various excuses to postpone payment. Faced with this impasse, the creditor sought the assistance of a third party and discovered Ms. Laila Saleh on Expert Planet, an expert in debt collection.

Upon reviewing all the relevant documents and case details, Ms. Laila Saleh promptly reached out to her contacts in Qatar to tackle the matter. A local agency in Qatar took charge of communicating with the debtor efficiently. Under the pressure exerted by the local debt collection team and their unwavering efforts, significant progress was achieved. In just one month of negotiations, the debtor finally made their first installment payment.

Thanks to the exceptional assistance provided by Ms. Laila Saleh’s local agency, the creditor was able to efficiently recover the debt, ensuring a swift resolution to the situation.

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