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A Tough Debt Collection Case in the UK

Congratulations to Joe P. and his team for successfully resolving a long-term debt through their patience and perseverance. Explore the full debt collection story to discover how they managed to recover this challenging debt in the below content.

In this case, the debtor initially paid based on a purchase order (PO) rather than the commercial invoice. When the creditor requested the correct balance payment of $68,000, the debtor disappeared despite multiple attempts to contact them. That’s when the creditor sought the assistance of Joe Postings for debt collection.

Upon reviewing the case, Joe Postings’ team conducted an online meeting with the creditor, patiently explaining the amicable and litigation costs involved. They decided to start with amicable debt collection to minimize expenses. Through their efforts, the debtor made a one-time payment of $24,000, which was less than the total debt. Joe’s team requested the creditor to provide the necessary documents to support their claim against the debtor. However, after waiting for over three months, the creditor failed to provide the required documentation.

In response, the debtor even reduced their repayment offer to $11,000 due to the lack of supporting documents. When Joe’s team revisited the case after longtime waiting, they negotiated with the debtor to settle for a payment of $20,000, ultimately avoiding court proceedings due to insufficient documentation on the creditor’s part. The creditor now has received the full agreed repayment of 20K USD this month. Thanks to Joe’s team’s remarkable patience throughout the lengthy process, they managed to help the creditor recover some of their losses.


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