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Joe Postings‘s Another Successful Debt Collection in the UK

Congratulations to Joe P. for his another successful debt collection in UK! Read the full debt collection story to discover how Joe’s team brings hope amidst despair in this case.

Due to the debtor’s company being insolvent and lacking available funds to pay the creditor, the creditor found themselves in a desperate situation. They turned to Mr. Joe Postings for debt collection assistance, as he is an expert in debt collection at Expert Planet. Once Mr. Joe took on the case, his team conducted thorough background research to evaluate its viability. They discovered that the debtor was on the verge of liquidation. However, upon reviewing their credit report and checking their status with Companies House, it appeared that the debtor was still actively trading.

Joe’s team continued to reach out to the debtor, engaging in multiple rounds of negotiations. Eventually, the debtor proposed a monthly repayment plan of $500. Although it would take some time to fully repay the debt, it was the best option available, considering that if the debtor liquidated, the creditor would receive nothing. The creditor agreed to this repayment plan, recognizing it as the most favorable outcome given the actual circumstances.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Joe’s team, the creditor managed to recover a portion of their losses. They received the fifth installment this January.

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