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A special debt collection case in Argentina

Congratulations to Víctor Laguna for his success in a special debt collection case in Argentina. Victor’s team demonstrated remarkable patience and perseverance throughout this case. Read the full story below to discover how Víctor Laguna helped the creditor recover their money!

This case is a bit special: the debtor is an exporter in Argentina. The creditor mistakenly overpaid them by $24.5K due to an error in the unit price. Despite the overpayment, the exporter had no intention of returning the excess amount. That’s when the creditor turned to Victor, a debt collection expert at Expert Planet.

Victor conducted an investigation and established contact with the person responsible for payments at the debtor’s company. The debtor initially claimed to have deducted the overpaid amount from the balance of a future payment for another container. However, the creditor contested this, as they had not ordered the container in question, and the consignee listed on the Bill of Lading was not associated with their company. The creditor also reached out to the consignee on the Bill of Lading, confirming that the debtor had not made any deductions for them. It became evident that the debtor had been dishonest.

When Victor attempted to contact the debtor, they evaded communication for nearly a month. Through Victor’s unwavering efforts, the debtor (exporter) eventually offered to ship another container to the creditor, with the overpaid amount serving as an advance payment. Victor aided the creditor in negotiating pricing and payment terms, while also monitoring the shipment’s progress.

Unfortunately, the debtor once again delayed the cargo shipment and became unresponsive. Victor persisted in following up, and the debtor cited issues with customs authorizations and other factors, claiming that the cargo could not be shipped. They assured that they would return the overpaid amount directly to the creditor, and this time, they kept their promise. The creditor has received all the repayments now.

Thanks to Victor’s team’s patience and determination, they successfully helped the creditor recover their money.

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