Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie and why do we use them?

A Cookie is a small text file placed on your computer by a website and/or an application that you visit. When you use our website, cookies can help to improve your experience – for example, storing and remembering your preferred language setting for your next visit. In this policy, we will refer to these items and similar technologies as “cookie” or “cookies”

Information that cookies collect enables us to:

· Tailor our website based on your personal needs

· Remember the notifications that have been show to you so that they will not appear the next time you visit that page

· Improve and update Expert Planet’s “Service” according to how you use and desire to use our “Service”

We generally do not use cookies to identify you.

What type of Cookies do we use?

We use the following types of cookies:

1. Necessary Cookies

Necessary cookies enable you to use our website and all of its functions when you access our services so that we can verify your identity to ensure the security of your account. For example, cookie technology can notify us when you log into our services so that we can identify whether you are logged in securely and show any information that is pertinent to you when you visit and use our “Service”.

2. Performance Cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how you use our site so that we can refine our site for you in the future. For example, this type of cookie collects information about web pages that you most frequently visit and error messages that you receive. All information collected by this type of cookie is anonymous. Any information that reveals your identity will not be collected.

Google Universal Analytics: We use Google Universal Analytics to manage the performance of our website and view visitor activities in order to adjust our content in better accordance with their expectations and desires.

3. Functional Cookies

Functional cookies enable us to offer you a more personalized experience. Such cookies help us remember data, such as your username and language preference, so that you don’t have to reenter them the next time you visit. All information collected by this type of cookie is anonymous. This type of cookie can’t track your browsing activities on other websites.

4. Efficiency Cookies

Cookies can help to avoid unnecessary server load, improve service efficiency, and save resources and energy.

For example, cookies can help us optimize routing traffic between servers and know the loading speed of different users. Sometimes, we may use cookies to make our “Service” load and respond faster when you’re using it.

5. Analysis and Research Cookies

We use these cookies to understand and improve our products and services and provide reference data for the development of new products or functions. For example, we use cookies to learn how you use our “Service” and to improve user experience. For instance, when you access our services, we collect the information about the time you spent at each step in order to analyze it and use that information to further optimize and improve our “Service”.

How do you manage your Cookie settings?

Most browsers have a function for cookie management. When users are managing their browser’s cookie settings, they can allow certain websites to use cookies and prevent other websites from using them. Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, you may not have the best user experience with Expert Planet’s “Service” and some of the “Service” may not work properly. Therefore, we recommend that you accept the usage of cookies.