Privacy Policy - Seadaka

1. Information We Collect

1.1 Information You Provide to Us

You provide us with data to create an account.


When creating an account, a user (the inquirer) needs to provide data including company name, country where company is registered and conducts business, contact name, contact title, email and/or mobile phone number, and a password. An expert (the consultee) needs to provide data including company name, country, city, contact name, contact title, email and/or phone number, resume, success stories, and a password.

Content and News

As a user (an inquirer), you can publish content related to you in our “Services” (as part of the consultation questionnaire). An expert (a consultee) can post content relevant to them in our “Services” (in the form of articles, news updates posted on the activity feed, comments, or videos)

1.2 Service Use

We will record your access to and use of our “Service”, including on our mobile applets.

When you visit or otherwise use our “Service”, including our website, applets, mobile application, or platform technologies (for example: searching in, installing, or updating our widgets while browsing or clicking on content like news updates on the activity feed or expert’s success stories), we will record your usage data. We use login information, cookies, device information, and Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses to identify your and record your usage.

1.3 Cookies and Similar Technologies

We collect data through cookies and similar technologies.

As detailed in Seadaka’s Cookie Policy, we use cookies and similar technologies (for example: tracking pixels and tags) to collect data (for example: Device ID), to identify you and your device. We also allow some other parties to use cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. If you are not located in the “country/region specified”, we will also collect (or collect through others) device information (like advertising ID, IP address, operating system, and browser information) that doesn’t have an interaction with our “Service”, so as to provide relevant advertisements to our members or visitors and help them better understand the effectiveness of the advertisements. Please refer to the Cookie Policy for more information regarding this. You can also turn off or otherwise disable our use of cookies and similar technologies, effectively prohibiting us from tracking your behavior on other parties’ websites for targeted advertising and other advertising-related purposes.

1.4 Your Device and Location

We will receive your device and network information, including location data.

Whenever you access or exit the use of our “Service” (including certain plug-ins, cookies and similar technologies on other parties’ websites), we will receive the URLs of your source and target websites and the time of your visit. We will also obtain information related to your device (eg: IP address, proxy server, operating system, browser and plug-ins, device identification codes and functions, cookie ID and/or internet service provider, or mobile operator). If you use our “Service” through your mobile device, based on your mobile device settings, the device will send us your location data. Before using GPS or other tools to confirm your exact location, we will ask you for your permission.

1.5 Messages

If you use our “Service” to communicate, we will obtain the following kinds of information:

When you send, receive, and interact with messages related to our “Service”, we will collect information about you. For example: If you receive a message, we will track whether you have reacted to it and will send you a reminder. We also use automatic scanning technology for messages to support and protect our website. For example: We use this technology to help make appropriate suggestions for replying to messages and to manage or block content from our “Service” that violates our “User Agreement”.

2. How We Use Your Data

We will use your data to provide, support, customize, and develop our “Service”.

2.1 Service

Our “Service” helps experts (the consultee) establish contact with others, and display business opportunities.

We use your data to authorize access to our “Service” and respect your settings.

2.2 Keep in Touch

Our “Services” allow users (the inquirer) to keep in touch with global industry experts at all times.

We use data related to you (experts) (for example: your profile, success stories, and updates published using our “Service”) to help users (inquirers) find you.

Visitors can choose how we use their data.

2.3 Communication

We will contact you via email, mobile telephone, notifications posted on Seadaka’s website or applet, messages sent to your inbox, or other means provided by our “Service” (including SMS and push notifications). We will send you news about issues related to the availability, security, and other news and information related to our “Service”. You can change your communication preferences at any time. Please note that you cannot choose to stop receiving service messages, including security and legal notices.

2.4 Service Development and Research

We develop Seadaka’s “Service” and conduct research.

Service Development

We use data (including public feedback) to conduct research and development to develop our “Service” in order to provide you and others with a higher quality, more intuitive, and personalized experience. Furthermore, we use data to conduct research and development in order to promote membership growth, increase participation in Seadaka’s “Service”, and to help professionals build relationships and seize upon economic opportunities.


We and third parties will initiate polls and questionnaires that we would like to invite you to fill out. It is up to you to decide whether to participate in the polls and/or questionnaires, and it is up to you to choose which information to provide. You can close the survey invitation at any time.

2.5 Security and Investigation

We use data for security, fraud prevention, and investigation purposes.

For reasons of safety, or to prevent or investigate fraudulent behavior, or other instances of a violation of Seadaka’s “User Agreement”, and or attempts to endanger Seadaka’s “Members”, “Visitors”, or other users, we will use your data (including the content of your communications).

2.6 Legal Notices

If we believe that the law requires it, or in order to protect the security and rights of you, us, and/or others, we may need to share your data.

If required by law, subpoena, or other legal procedures, we may need to disclose information about you; or, we may also need to disclose information about you if Seadaka believes that the disclosed information is reasonably necessary to achieve the following purposes:

(1) Investigation of, prevention of, or measures taken against suspected or actual illegal activities, or assistance with government law enforcement agencies;

(2) The implementation of the “User Agreement”

(3) Investigation and defense of yourself against any third-party

(4) To protect the security or integrity of our “Service” (e.g., sharing such information with companies under a similar threat)

(5) Exercising or protecting the rights or security or both of Seadaka, “members”, employees, or other people. Unless prohibited by law or in instances where the relevant request is an emergency, we will, when appropriate and at our own sole discretion, endeavor to notify “members” of any legal request for the provision of personal data. When we are convinced that a requirement is too broad, vague, or lacks the proper authority, we will challenge such a requirement but will not commit to challenging each of them.