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10 ChatGPT Examples Cross-border Ecommerce Merchants Should Know!

ChatGPT has now gained global popularity with its rapid growth rate. According to Yahoo Finance, within just two months, ChatGPT has surpassed 100 million monthly active users, making it the fastest-growing application worldwide. Today, ChatGPT is being utilized by professionals across various industries, including the cross-border e-commerce sector.

So, how can ChatGPT be effectively utilized in the cross-border e-commerce industry? In this article, we have compiled 10 commonly used ChatGPT use cases for individuals involved in cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade. These use cases will assist you in leveraging ChatGPT to enhance your cross-border e-commerce productivity and achieve substantial growth in your e-commerce sales revenue.

ChatGPT Examples in Cross-border e-commerce use 

ChatGPT Example-SEO Keyword Research

SEO keyword research is widely used across various platforms abroad, including popular websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as blogs, independent websites, and cross-border e-commerce platforms. Keywords are used extensively on these platforms. In the past, SEO keyword research required the expertise of professionals, but now ChatGPT can effortlessly assist you in conducting research.

chatgpt ChatGPT Examples seo 1

Taking debt collection as an example, we define ChatGPT as an SEO expert in our prompts, and let it help us with data research for debt collection keywords. We ask ChatGPT to organize the data into a table and below are the results provided by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Example-Product Description 

A product description is crucial for cross-border e-commerce platforms as it directly impacts whether consumers will place an order and purchase the products. A well-crafted product description not only enhances the consumer’s shopping experience but also effectively ignites their desire to make a purchase, ultimately leading to successful transactions. However, when it comes to e-commerce product descriptions, it is essential to combine user search intent with utilizing the sales funnel.

chatgpt ChatGPT Example Product Description

Taking the “Company Registration” service as an example, you can also provide specific product names and highlight the unique features of the service. We define ChatGPT as a professional business copywriter, so let it assist us in creating a compelling and expertly written product service description.

ChatGPT Example-Google Ads 

Google Ads is currently a popular traffic channel for many B2B foreign trade businesses in mainland China. It is also a fiercely competitive platform for cross-border independent online merchants. Each click on an ad represents an increase in advertising costs, and a compelling ad copy can effectively improve the click-through rate, thereby helping the ad gain more exposure and clicks, and to some extent, increasing conversions.

chatgpt ChatGPT Example Google Ads

Let’s take dog food as an example. We’ll define ChatGPT as a Google Ads expert and ask it to assist us in writing some ad copies and related descriptions. In the prompts, we can also specify the character limit based on the requirements of Google Ads. If you’re not satisfied with the ad copy, you can ask ChatGPT to rewrite high-quality ad copies.

ChatGPT Example-Creative Idea 

Whether it’s starting a cross-border e-commerce business or conducting cross-border e-commerce marketing, good ideas, and creativity are often essential. This includes aspects such as brand names, website domains, social media posts, email marketing, product names, website blog articles, YouTube video content, and more. These areas often require innovative and brainstorming thinking.

chatgpt ChatGPT Example Creative Idea

Let’s take brand names as an example. We’ll define ChatGPT as a marketing expert, though you can choose any other role you prefer. Additionally, we’ll provide ChatGPT with information about the brand’s positioning in the prompts. The more information you provide, the more grounded and relevant the creative ideas ChatGPT can generate.

ChatGPT Example-Facebook Ads 

Although Facebook ads and Google ads both belong to the realm of international advertising platforms, there are some differences between these two platforms. Google ads lean more towards search and display, while Facebook ads are more focused on social interactions. Furthermore, in terms of ad formats, Facebook ads primarily revolve around social posts, whereas Google ads primarily center around search and display ads. Therefore, when crafting ad copy, it’s important to note these distinctions between the two platforms.

chatgpt ChatGPT Example Facebook Ads

Let’s take the example of immigration services. In this scenario, we define ChatGPT as a Facebook advertising expert. We will provide more detailed information within the prompts, and you can customize the tone, style, and word count according to your specific requirements. Additionally, if you need suggestions for the visuals, such as images or videos used in Facebook ads, you can also obtain corresponding recommendations from ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Example-Blog Article Outline

Due to the free traffic generated by search engines, many businesses are competing for natural search engine traffic in addition to investing in advertising. Achieving higher rankings on search engines requires companies or enterprises to create high-quality content that aligns with their products, services, and target audience’s needs. This, in turn, leads to increased commercial value for the company or enterprise.

chatgpt ChatGPT Example Blog Article Outline

Taking “US company registration” as an example, we define ChatGPT as a professional blog writing expert, focusing on how to register a company in the United States. If you have specific requirements, feel free to provide detailed prompts, such as asking ChatGPT to help you outline common questions related to the article’s topic or suggest a suitable headline.

ChatGPT Example-Email Marketing

Email marketing is a common and effective strategy in overseas digital marketing. You often hear the phrase “Money is on your list,” emphasizing the importance of email marketing as a customer acquisition channel for businesses expanding internationally. Particularly for overseas e-commerce companies, email allows direct communication with consumers and enables targeted remarketing based on their specific needs.

chatgpt ChatGPT Example Email Marketing

Taking “Amazon seller account reinstatement” as an example, we define ChatGPT as a professional email marketing expert. Our goal is to create an email marketing sequence for the Amazon seller account reinstatement service. If you have any specific requirements, please provide detailed prompts to guide ChatGPT accordingly.

ChatGPT Example-Social Media 

Social media is also an important way of overseas digital marketing. However, there are many social media platforms overseas, so it’s necessary for you to identify your target audience based on your company’s products or services and then create valuable content according to their preferences and business needs. The format of social media content is slightly different from blog articles, and social media platforms now support a variety of content formats, such as short videos, short articles, images, GIFs, and so on.

chatgpt ChatGPT Example Social Media

Taking IT development services as an example, we define ChatGPT’s role as a professional social media marketing expert. You can even provide specific social media platforms or websites based on your target audience, allowing ChatGPT to output corresponding content according to your prompts.

ChatGPT Example-Cross-border E-commerce Product Selection

For the cross-border e-commerce industry, product selection is a crucial step. In the field of foreign trade or cross-border e-commerce, there is even a saying that “70% relies on product selection, 30% relies on operations.” Therefore, for e-commerce professionals, product selection is of utmost importance. Currently, there are numerous e-commerce product research tools available online, which can be used for market research through advertising analysis or dedicated product selection tools.

chatgpt ChatGPT Example Cross border E commerce Product Selection

Taking “Amazon product selection” as an example, we define ChatGPT as a professional Amazon platform e-commerce product selection expert. You can rely on ChatGPT to help you choose the most popular products, providing detailed data and corresponding product catalogs. Furthermore, in your prompts, feel free to ask ChatGPT for the reasoning behind its product selections.

ChatGPT Example-Video Script

With the popularity of short videos and live streaming, every brand or marketer aims to promote their products or services through video content. However, if you want your videos to be professional and captivating, a well-crafted video script is crucial. The quality of the video script directly determines the final outcome of the video. For knowledge-based content creators, a video script needs to incorporate a higher level of expertise.

chatgpt ChatGPT Example Video Script

Taking “YouTube script” as an example, we define ChatGPT as a YouTube script expert. In your prompts, inform ChatGPT that our video topic is about hiring a professional debt collection expert. Additionally, you can specify the tone and style of the script to make the video more engaging and interactive according to your requirements.


Does ChatGPT have an APP?

ChatGPT is a large language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, trained by OpenAI, which uses machine learning algorithms to understand and generate natural language to simulate human-like thinking and language capabilities. It currently only has a web-based version and has not launched a mobile app, but there are many applications developed based on the ChatGPT language model.

What are the usage scenarios of ChatGPT in cross-border e-commerce?

ChatGPT has numerous use cases in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Some of these use cases include brand naming, website naming, product selection, SEO titles for articles, article outlines, product descriptions, email communication, community marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. You can even embed ChatGPT into your website to assist with customer service tasks and make your life easier.


The emergence of ChatGPT has undoubtedly provided cross-border e-commerce professionals with an additional productivity tool. It not only helps improve productivity but also significantly reduces operational costs in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Therefore, mastering the use of ChatGPT can help greatly enhance efficiency.

In this article, we briefly introduced some basic use examples of ChatGPT, but it has even more practical applications. If you have discovered new use cases while using ChatGPT, feel free to leave a comment or share them with us.

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