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Top 3 Debt Collection Agencies in Dubai

Dubai is a global business hub with a thriving economy. However, like any place, disputes over unpaid debts can arise. Debt collection agencies in Dubai play a vital role in resolving these disputes and recovering owed funds for creditors. This article explores the key services provided by debt collection agencies in Dubai.


  • Debt collection agencies in Dubai assist in recovering debts.
  • Key services: demand letters, negotiation, asset investigation, legal action, enforcing judgments.
  • Benefits: expertise, centralized account management, various pricing models.
  • Top 3 agencies: AW Holding, Instant Debt Collection, Fort Equity.
  • Contact experts on Expert Planet for tailored guidance and solutions.
  • Prompt debt recovery with experienced agencies improves cash flow.

Debt collection in Dubai 4 easy Steps

Demand Letters

The first step in the debt recovery process is usually sending a demand letter to the debtor. This letter formally requests payment and reminds the debtor of their obligations.

Debt collectors write effective letters to get the debtor’s attention and show how serious the situation is. Letters can be sent in both English and Arabic to ensure clarity. The agency handles all correspondence and follows up appropriately.


If the demand letter does not lead to repayment, the next step is negotiation. The debt collection agency contacts the debtor and attempts to reach a settlement. This may involve proposing installment plans, settlement discounts, or other repayment solutions palatable to both parties.

With their expertise, agencies can often negotiate resolutions that avoid further legal action. They have the skills to negotiate effectively even with difficult debtors.

Asset Investigation

When debts remain unpaid, agencies investigate assets and accounts that could be used to recover funds. Their access to various private and public databases allows comprehensive profiling of the debtor’s finances and property ownership. This information enables legal action if required. Asset investigation is a specialized service debt collection agencies offer.

If good-faith negotiations fail, legal action may be necessary. Debt collection agencies in Dubai have extensive experience navigating the legal system and using the appropriate legal tools for debt recovery. These include:

  • Payment orders – A fast-track legal instrument ordering repayment.
  • Civil lawsuits – Filing claims in court seeking repayment or asset seizures.
  • Travel bans – Preventing debtor from leaving UAE until resolving debt.
  • Criminal complaints – Reporting bounced checks or other criminal violations.

Agencies know how to effectively apply the law to favor creditors in the debt recovery process. Their legal expertise is invaluable.

Enforcing Judgments

If the court rules in the creditor’s favor, the agency ensures proper enforcement. This can involve asset seizures, salary garnishment, liquidating the debtor’s company, or other methods. Agencies have the resources and local experience to enforce judgments successfully. Their work doesn’t end once court judgments are obtained.

Full-Service Account Management

Reputable debt collection agencies in Dubai offer centralized account management throughout the collections process. A dedicated team oversees your case end-to-end, providing updates and recommendations. You have a single point of contact rather than dealing with multiple parties. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency.

In summary, Dubai debt collection agencies offer a diverse range of services that cover the full debt recovery lifecycle. Debt collectors are helpful when someone owes money. They are skilled at negotiating, finding assets, taking legal action, and enforcing payment. Creditors can increase their chances of getting back money and resolving debt disputes by working with a professional agency.

Expert Planet’s Top 3 Debt Collection Agencies in Dubai

Fort Equity: Efficient Debt Recovery Services in Dubai

Fort Equity is a renowned debt collection agency in Dubai, offering efficient and effective financial collection and recovery services. Fort Equity is a good choice for businesses to get back money owed, with a high success rate and detailed reports.

High Success Rate

Fort Equity achieves a high success rate, resolving 95% of cases within a specified period. This impressive margin outcome demonstrates their effectiveness in debt recovery and their commitment to resolving cases for their clients

Debt Collection Agency in Dubai

AW Holding: A Premier Debt Collection Agency in Dubai

AW Holding, a top debt collection agency in Dubai. AW Holding, with 25+ years of experience, is a reliable partner for businesses dealing with their unpaid debts.

AW Holding offers a range of services. These services include debt management, legal debt settlement, credit risk advice, business advice, risk management, professional translation, and cross-border services.

Debt Collection Agency in Dubai

Instant Debt Collection: Tailored Debt Recovery Solutions in Dubai

Instant Debt Collection is a debt collection agency in Dubai that helps businesses recover their debts. Instant Debt Collection is a trustworthy partner for businesses wanting to improve their cash flow by providing excellent results.

Debt Collection Agency in Dubai

Transferring Your Debt Collection in Dubai

Initiating a debt collection process in Dubai is straightforward and efficient with Expert Planet. Simply upload your claim using our secure online transfer form. You’ll need to provide details about your organization, your debtor’s company, and any relevant documentation or invoices. Once submitted, one of our expert partners will take over your case. Start your debt recovery journey here.

Recovering Your Outstanding Invoice

At Expert Planet, we connect you with dedicated experts who are committed to resolving your debt collection case in Dubai swiftly. Once you’ve submitted your case, our expert partners will leverage their resources to contact your debtor in Dubai, using both phone calls and written communication in Arabic.

As a leading marketplace for debt collection services, we provide access to experts who have extensive global business databases and credit reports. These resources allow them to assess your debtor’s credit status, understand why the invoice hasn’t been paid, and tailor their strategy accordingly.

No Cure, No Pay Debt Collection

At Expert Planet, we believe in delivering results. That’s why our expert partners offer a “No Cure, No Pay” policy for their debt collection services in Dubai. If they’re unable to recover your debt, you won’t owe them a fee.

Customized Approach to Debt Collection in Dubai

With Expert Planet, you’ll benefit from:

  • Personal contact with your dedicated expert partner
  • Direct communication with your debtor
  • Customized demand letters and written communication in Arabic
  • Access to the largest national and international B2B debt collection databases
  • In-depth understanding of local business cultures and payment behaviors
  • Knowledge of international judicial procedures
  • Honest advice on whether legal action is necessary

Don’t let unpaid debts hinder your business growth. Get in touch with an expert at Expert Planet today and start your journey towards successful debt recovery.


What are the rules for debt collection in UAE?

The primary law governing debt collection in the UAE is Federal Law No. 18 of 1993 on Commercial Transactions. This law sets out the rules and regulations for debt collection for commercial transactions in the UAE. In addition to this law, there are other regulations issued by the UAE Central Bank and the Ministry of Economy related to debt collection practices.

What happens if you don’t pay debt in Dubai?

Non-payment of debt is a criminal offense in the UAE. If a debtor fails to pay, they could face legal charges, international debt collectors, and potential detention at the airport. If a borrower is late with payments, they can be sentenced to jail for up to three years. However, the debt is not cleared because of this sentence, only the “criminal” act of not paying it.

Is UAE debt enforceable in the UK?

Yes, UAE debt can be enforced in the UK. There is no common law impediment to enforcing a UAE monetary judgment in the UK that cannot be enforced in the UAE. However, a UAE debt does not affect your credit record in the UK unless or until the bank obtains a County Court Judgment (“CCJ”)

Is debt a criminal case in Dubai?

Yes, debt is treated as a criminal case in Dubai. If a debtor fails to pay their debts or repay loans, they can face prison time of up to three years or a fine of up to 30,000 dirhams (US$8,200) and a travel ban until the sentence is fulfilled. However, in civil cases, if someone proves they cannot pay what the court ordered, they will normally avoid facing an arrest warrant.

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